Eric Lussier



Eric Lussier was born in Quebec, Canada, where he resides with his two daughters from his first marriage. He is a retired heavy-duty equipment mechanic and currently serves as co-founder of ForBetterCommunity with his older brother Patrick.

Both Eric and his brother grew up with loving parents who instilled strong values of generosity and humility. One Christmas, the brothers complained about the gifts they had received. The next year, neither of them got gifts. Instead, their parents took in the homeless so that they could learn just how privileged they were. 

In 2000, after only two years working in a mine as a heavy-duty equipment mechanic, Eric suffered a tragic spinal injury after slipping on an oil slick and getting crushed by the heavy load he was carrying. He credits his brother Patrick for finding him and saving his life. 

After two back surgeries, Eric’s doctors told him that he would never walk or live normally again. His life would consist of excruciating chronic pain, with only morphine to dull it. During his darkest days, he attempted suicide. His saving grace was the guidance of a family friend and physician who got him off opioids and helped him channel his anguish to help others.

Today, with the help of a trainer and 15 years of determination, Eric can not only walk, but run.

On his second trip to Cuba, Eric decided to forego an all-inclusive resort to live with the locals in a small village, where he met his current wife. Far from the opulence of luxury resorts, he saw families of 7 living in one room on a monthly wage of only $32. Starvation drove people to kill their beloved family dog for something to eat. ForBetterCommunity was founded to support people like ones in that Cuban village. 

Eric embodies the pay-it-forward attitude his parents instilled in him as a child. Through his love for woodworking, he restores old furniture to be given to families in need. Eric hopes to be a catalyst for change in many more lives through ForBetterCommunity.